Feeling exhausted from your regular works?

Unplug yourself from your work


Your Spotify Blend with me last week was an amazing experience!

The last week was already a half week. Now, this week is a complete relief from any office chaos! Yes, my company forces every employee to take a week of break from any office work every 6 months. 5 days out of every 132 working days.

Cool right! Indeed it is because it will not be deducted from my available 42 PTO leaves.

This letter reaches you from Ludhiana, Punjab. Yes, I’m in Punjab now. My cousin’s sister is here and it’s lovely to be here to meet her, other than the hot sun. Almost 35 degrees now, and might go up to 42 degrees by late noon. It’s hard to deal with weather changes from 23 degrees to 43 degrees in a day. Quite unusual for us! I can’t imagine how Anu and Tindel are managing. Frequent water and liquid foods can help to some extent I hope.

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What’s in here for you this week?

  1. Handling pressure – like a pressure cooker

  2. One line tip – To improve your English communication

  3. Best investment so far in 2022

  4. Recommendations

Handling pressure

Recently, I’m hearing from people frequently that they are not able to manage the pressure from their everyday activities.

You may be the best performer, the odd one out of your other pals. No matter what, everyone will face a sense of pressure in their life. In fact, everyone ought to face it. If you don’t, you are not growing.

I’d like to remind you of the concept of the comfort zone. There’s a fear zone, which you need to pass to attain the learning zone. You need to of course go through the learning zone to reach the growth zone to ensure growth! A simple representation for your understanding.


You might feel the pressure every time you cross between zones from inside to out. In addition, you’ll also feel relaxed for a short and regretful later, when you cross the zones from outside to inside.

If you feel pressure, you’re just reaching your threshold which gets tweaked to a higher level, every time you handle it.

All I want to tell you is, MAN, YOU ARE GROWING. Just learn to handle such a transition.

Like a pressure cooker

A simple tip for you is to get inspired by a pressure cooker!

How? What does a pressure cooker do?

We are all a tightly sealed pressure cooker. Inside it, the water is heated and eventually boils into steam. Since the steam cannot escape, it collects above the food. All those trapped water molecules increase the pressure inside the cooker. This helps in cooking the food. The cooked food is the grown you!

It’s ok to feel the pressure, when the pressure lets you grow!

You need to take up the pressure to your threshold and then take a break and just let everything out! Your mentor will always be ready to hear you! Remember, he is just a call/message away!

Not having a mentor? I’ll help you find your apt mentor!

One liner tip

To improve your English communication

Start speaking with people who do not know your language

Best investment so far in 2022

Too many meetings, calls, audiobooks, podcasts, and whatnot to be productive at my best! Everything above is on the go… I’m loving the fact that I am now able to listen to a book while I have to do something that doesn’t need my mental efforts.

It makes my everyday super productive, and I’d suggest you buy it by clicking the button below.


Hridayam Movie (Malayalam)

If you are a college student, watch this movie Hridayam.

Especially, if you are studying in SRM University from Kerala, you can relate very much to it. I just loved every piece of the movie!

The two songs, “Dharshana“ and “Thathaka Thaidhare“ are my fav.

That’s all for this week!

Next week, I’ll come up with some cool updates about my trip to Punjab and Delhi.

Byee! Until then, take care of the ones around you, and of course yourself too.

See you next week!


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