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Hooked up new?

Wow wow! What a start to this month, with an ending to a beautiful month!!

Even if you haven’t been so happy about this year’s reopening of colleges/offices, last month had been a great pleasure for most of us! Of course, with the long weekend and some of you did have a week’s gap after your exams too!

Even for me, it was a beautiful month indeed. Had the longest unplugged week of this year.

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This week’s special

  1. Hooked up new?

  2. Where to host your portfolio website?

  3. Pickup lines at their best

  4. In case you had missed it…

  5. The thin line between disruption and chaos for startup entrepreneurs – by Shivang

Hooked up new?

Nothing can be as exciting as seeing someone falling into this beautiful Tremendously Rewardable Amazing Prosperity after you!

Yo! Juniors are getting married!!

Last week, Yash Aggarwal’s Marriage. The next month-end, it’s Ujay Karthik’s. It’s going to be my hobby from now on to travel places to visit them. I have got a reason to travel, yay!!

On one side, I’m excited about it. On the other side, I would like to remind something for them!

It’s a beautiful Tremendously Rewardable Amazing Prosperity for both boys and girls too! Don’t assume that it’s a beautiful Tremendously Rewardable Amazing Prosperity only for boys.

Coming to the point, dear newly married boys

As you will now have a new roomie at your house, you’ll tend to take the side of your girl mostly on any decision. That’s not bad. In fact, that’s a good quality of you. You need to do it because she is new there and would need a hold, to stand on her own.

So, don’t hesitate to take her side, so that she feels comfortable being with you in a new place. However, don’t lose your wits before you take that side! Taking any side in opinions without validation ends up in danger. This is not only for married life but also in a room of professionals as well.

What you support, means a lot about you than whom you support!

On a serious note…

Even if you have been an adamant guy to your parents so far (before marriage), a simple gesture of ignorance or opposition to your parents will be a bigger hit to their hearts. So, please don’t do it. As you know.,

As you progress in life, you need to become more humble

Applicable in all aspects, but means quite a lot in this regard.

Does it sound contradictory? That’s how weird, life will put you in the midst of a hundred hurdles. We’re all mere a cat on the wall in such hurdles. One side of the wall makes you a good person. The other side of the wall makes you a better person.

Hope I have made it clear. If you need any clarity on this, I can elaborate more on this! Feel free to ping me!

If you have a friend who’s also newly married, do share this with him.

Where to host your portfolio website?

If you are not aware, is my website, where I update some of the most important info about my life.

Didn’t check yet. I’ve just started messing up with it.

Usually, hosting this on GCP costs me ~2.5k every month. Tried to utilize the free tier from GCP and got no up time for the website for a couple of weeks.

It is back now, hosted on Hostinger for a much lesser cost, of course with a lot of limits.

If you are looking forward to hosting your portfolio website, Hostinger’s plan for 4 years seems to be the best deal in the market. The only catch is, you gotta pay it up front.

Pickup lines at their best

The marketing team of Zomato and Swiggy should start up a new company for the teens who look forward to impressing their op-gen friends. The two food industry startups never fail to come up with contextual and interesting pickup lines at the perfect timing.

Interestingly, someone had screenshot Zomato‘s notifications for a 10 days streak and shared them on LinkedIn. I’d like to share it with you as well.

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In case you had missed it…

Check out this thread that talks about how you can handle your stress, and why handling pressures are important in your life!

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