Don't dare miss 'this' on your way!

A destination without the exposure of your journey is merely an Illusion

Wow! It’s been 5 months since you celebrated the new year!

Isn’t this a great start to your next 7 months of 2022?

How do you feel? What’s driving you to push yourself a step ahead today?

Do you feel like missing something on your way forward? You are not alone! But, if you don’t take an action right now, then you will be alone soon.

Take the action now! Here’s something which you should never miss on your way forward!

Before you dive in

This email will consist of the below contents:

  1. Something that you should never miss on your way forward!

  2. An intent to Tweet

  3. Recommendations

    • New coding language – RAJINI++

    • Turn your focus mode ON – Listen to Cosmos

Something that you should never miss in your way forward!

Consider, you going on a HighWay and a big truck going in front of you hiding your front view. What would you do?

  • If you can speed up more than the truck, you overtake it.

  • If you cannot speed up more, then you drive on a parallel track and not stick to the back of the truck.

In either of the above scenario, you are not driving behind the big truck that hides you from your way. This is not just for experienced drivers, but even beginners!

Have you wondered the reason behind it?

I feel that humans are clearly configured to drive to their destination, purpose or goal. What makes them reach there is a proper vision. We are not configured to stick to someone else’s path, like sticking behind that big truck. We don’t stick behind for a better vision and to move on. Certainly, we all need the vision to drive and reach our destination.

When we all realize the importance of vision in just driving from place to place, why aren’t we realizing the need for a vision in our life?

Need for a vision

Life is a journey, and finding your purpose is not easy for many. Even if you identify the purpose, how do you reach the goal? Only the journey will put you into many circumstances that build you to survive your purpose quest!

Clearly, without a vision, even if you reach somewhere and consider it to be your destination, you wouldn’t have experienced your journey and feel alienated.

A destination attained without the exposure of your journey is merely an illusion.

An intent to Tweet

Heard of Twitter? Do you tweet? Do you know what `intent` for a tweet is?

In recent times, I have learnt about this intent to tweet.

The intent with texts is quite common

Did you know you can intent a tweet with proper structuring, hashtags and symbols? Have you observed %20 in your Web browser URLs? Good, they are for spaces in URL. They are called URL encodings. Some of them are here:

If you are looking forward to simplifying the process using Excel/Google Sheets, then you can use the below formulae to do so


In addition, you can add your emojis as text along with your intent text 🚀

Here’s an example of a tweet’s intent,%20you%20are%20missing%20some%20of%20the%20most%20compelling%20content%20every%20week.%20%0A%0ASubscribe%20here%20%F0%9F%91%87%F0%9F%8F%BD%20%0A


Introducing rajini++, an esoteric programming language based on the dialogues of superstar Rajinikanth. The syntax and keywords used in rajini++ are based on the dialogues of Superstar Rajinikanth.

Here’s my FocusMode Music for years! You might like it too.

I hope you liked this week’s recommendations. Tweet them if you want to share them with others too!

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