How to overcome Consistency issues while Learning?

Learning happens in every aspect of daily life. What’s the problem with consistency?

Last week, one of my pals asked me about consistency.

Woah, what a topic to discuss! Many of us have this question in different contexts, and the question he had was to keep up consistency in learning!

Quite interesting right! Learning happens in every aspect of daily life, starting from waking up until the moment you hibernate to sleep. But, how does this become inconsistent?

So, do you really need to be consistent in learning? It happens every day right?

But, you can’t escape this question just like that!

Though you keep learning every day, consistency is questioned regarding something you intend to do beyond your usual pattern of processes.

Regardless of what you want to learn, identify the purpose of learning before you want to be consistent!

Purpose of Learning

Talking about the specifics of learning, you would want to learn consistently for three purposes as a college student!

  • For Degree

  • For Placement

  • For Knowledge

Identify the purpose of your learning and tune them to your way!

If you find it hard to keep yourself consistent, change the mode of your learning. Let’s break down your changing of mode based on your purpose of learning!

Placement / Degree: Change the way you learn!

When you learn for academics or for something like a placement, you have a confined boundary of what you are looking for. So, ensure you have all the resources gathered before you start.

If you have been learning using a textbook or notes (offline), try to go online mode to learn the same topics. The vice-versa works well too.

Your brain is lazier than you think you are. Before you realize it, it finds anything monotonous and gets bored of it.

In this way, you are given a new perspective to grasp things you read and hear. This small change in the medium of learning can refresh your brain. Try this out!

Knowledge: Explore other interests or domains

If you are learning something to enhance your knowledge, your resources are not anything limited. If you are facing issues with consistency, think if you are really passionate about your area of interest or you are learning it just because of the fear of missing out (FOMO).

Try to explore different areas of interest and see if that interests you better. See if you are able to stay consistent there.

Regardless, you should know one thing –

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Thank you for reading! Wish you consistent and better learning!


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