BE CAREFUL when you want to try out the LINKEDIN PREMIUM features!

A few months back, I tried #LinkedInPremium and purchased a monthly subscription.

It was exciting, I had a lot of time to explore and learn from it. It was all smooth for a month or two.

After using Premium for quite a while, I cancelled my subscription since I wasn’t making use of it.

LinkedIn alerted me that I have another month of the premium free trial. But, I kept pushing off the alert.

Later, when I needed to enable it back, I used the additional one month trial and had a plan of extending the premium for 1 or 2 months as per the need.

I was so careless in choosing the billing cycle, and I didn’t realize that until I received another alert from LinkedIn.

ALERT: You’ve spent Rs.26904.00 via Debit Card xxXXXX at LINKEDIN on 2021-06-XX

Oops! I happened to pay for the Annual Subscription, instead of the intended Monthly Subscription.

Yes, ~27k gone in seconds; ok, maybe in a month!

Though I would have happily spent ~2.5k every month. But, an unexpected 27k debit was quite shocking and affects my monthly expenses now.

It reflected my carelessness. I hope this post is an awareness of being careful in such matters.

PS: I don’t want #LinkedIn to take any action in my favour! I’ve moved on.

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