He surprised Me on His Birthday!

My cousin, Niranjan who’s just entering his 9th grade was eager about Social Media today.

Today was his birthday and I got quite a good time interacting with him.

He joined Instagram today. I kept watching his activities. He seemed so pumped up.

I went near and asked, what he was up to do with Instagram! He was blank and didn’t have an answer.

“Simply”, he replied.

Later he said that he will explore randomly. Alright.

Then he jumped into LinkedIn and asked me about it.

I was surprised and gave a few thoughts about what we get to do with LinkedIn everyday.

He didn’t know the limits to join the platform. I left him to explore that.

I know, regardless of my say, he’ll choose to join the platform or not.

He did all steps one by one and couldn’t join as he was less than 16 years.

He was disappointed, but not for so long.

He said, “I have one more year to join it. Ok, I can wait!”. That was a mature move. 👏

Ok, now getting back to my question, regardless of the 16 years limitation by LinkedIn,

what is your say on when someone should join this platform to get the most out of it?

Please vote your choice! 🗳

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