Feeling to Quit? Quit now!

When you are feeling pressured to work in a team, leaving the team is not an option unless you have a better opportunity or a valid reason.

Handling work pressure is not based on where you are but on what and how much other things you do. There may be times when you feel at your best and sometimes when you might feel worst. That’s ok. That’s how your graph will make sense.

Everyone has a threshold at which we all feel stressed out with the works given. When that point reaches, if you decide to quit the job, you’ll need to find a new company every month.

It’s a serious problem if you do not reach that point, where you feel everything is being shaken and your confidence reduces and you completely wobble, out of the work pressure. This point may be your Wobble point.

You need not take up all the pressure to reach this point. It comes even with basic tasks. So, don’t underestimate yourself when you reach your wobble point. You just need to learn to handle such points and give a push gradually to your ability to handle them.

Take a break. That’s temporary and productive, both for you and your team. Trying to leave? That’s permanent and destructive.

Feeling to Quit? Quit that feeling now!

Your thoughts?

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