WPS Season 2 – A Decisive Purpose out of an Abstract

Finally!! After gathering all the confidence after preparing the deck of slides for tomorrow’s WPS, we were all set for the first session of the WPS Season-2 for a wider audience than Season 1!

With all the small experiences from my college to corporate, and that we had gathered from the students and their parents’ suggestions from Season 1, we are now experimenting to bring in a variety of audience, ranging from 12 years to 30 years.

We had a total of 18 registrations, out of which we expected at least 10 to be on the session. Optionally, there will be audiences from the current Think-Digital team, who always remain in my heart.

I believe you have a fair understanding of what WPS is. If not, I suggest you read the abstract of WPS.

This session will be a great decision-maker in different aspects for the upcoming sessions.

We wish everyone who takes part in the session gets the most value for their career and life.

Never lose your hope; not because it was said once, but because it is what drives your motivation!


To be honest, the session started with none, except me!

We waited almost 20 mins, and finally got one person joined, and then two more, for the brunch with students!

After a brunch for 30 mins, the session sprang with 5 more people joining for the after-noon job search!

Later, we ended up with a coffee business bytes session with 2 existing and 1 more person.

So, there were 8 people in total who hopped in the Weekend Productive Session (WPS) Discord server.

It was indeed a Productive Session for this Weekend!

Pondering what this WPS is all about? Check out this space.

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