Speaking is easy, but speaking to the point does not seem to be!

I can’t speak without stammering, even a single line. Speaking to people is a nightmare for me.

Most people have mistaken me for not opening up to them, for not picking up a line at first. But, I used to be scared if I would stammer.

I remember, in the early days of my college, I used to speak very little.

However, I was eager to speak in front of an audience, but the stammering would keep me away.

Even if I spoke, I used to stick to my point and never cared about people understanding it.

But, I have improved now.

Gradually, I started focusing on the people to understand what I say.

The transformation was quite unexpected. However, it was needed by that time, because I had to ensure that my juniors understand everything I speak which will be transmitted to their juniors.

Now, I feel that I was wrong!

In my process of making an effort to make people understand, I started repeating things more than once to everyone, in an explaining-to-noob way.

I understand that it is quite impossible to change a bulb’s colour unless the bulb wants to.

Even these days, when I explain a concept to a newbie, I keep repeating things probably thrice to ensure that I get a positive response from them.

But, I think I have to improve the way I communicate based on the listener! Not everyone is a pro from their beginning days!

Do you think, it is possible for me to improve myself in communicating clearly now?

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