Why should you upskill for the future work?

The jobs need a new you, before you may need a new job

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  1. Upskilling emergency

  2. College Covets – Monthly newsletter on LinkedIn

  3. Idea School to Startup School

  4. A subtraction thread

Upskilling emergency

Recently, I came across an article that spoke about the importance of upskilling for every one of us! I felt responsible to share the major points with you.

The skills required in companies are transforming fast. And, the jobs need a new you, before you may need a new job. Since 2015 the skillsets for jobs have already shifted by ~25%.

The primary goal of upskilling is to work effectively, stay relevant and competitive in your industry or place yourself for better job opportunities on the way!

Upskilling is not necessarily to learn a new skill but to enhance your existing skills. There are a lot of smaller skills that most of us lack. For example, the Excel sheet skills you may need to manage a project or team more efficiently, or document the plans and outcomes regularly to have better performance at work.

These things do not require you to be technically sound. You just have to put down everything you need to get yourself organized; helping you work effectively.

Upskilling can include your hard skills like using a software, tool, or maybe a simple graphic design and soft skills like improving your listening, or getting better at providing constructive feedback. It can be anything that helps you in doing your job a little bit better than usual.

Skills really matter as they speak very clearly about what you can do, to the recruiters!

For some of you, upskilling might sound luxurious and look to be an option. That will be an advantage for you. For others, it’s a necessity. Studies show that in the next decade, most of our works will be in lesser demand. In the worst case, almost 80% of our people may need to reskill completely, over just upskilling.

If you are already upskilling, you are investing in your future!

But, most people do their 9 to 5 job, and get back home and relax. But it’s important to realize what’s happening from an eagle’s eye view.

Source:- BCC: What upskilling means for the future of work!

What’s your off-the-office hustle?

College Covets – Monthly newsletter on LinkedIn

College Covets | Things I wish I had known during my college life

The first article named, “Hiccups are just a reminder that you are thirsty!“ is indeed a hiccup to the monthly newsletter!

Sometimes we tend to ignore the hiccups; being busy, we keep forgetting even the essential ones at a micro level. Sometimes we do take action too. But, what if you didn’t know what action to be taken, in case of a hiccup? It’s always good to learn the actions of hiccups, and also take that action!

College Covets is not just your hiccups, but also a way to the action for your hiccups!

LinkedIn is a space where I look forward to growing my community and the newsletter feature of LinkedIn is the best thing I can imagine about.

Graduated from Idea School

One small announcement to make is that I got graduated from Idea School, and now looking forward to Startup school. The first session will begin on June first week. I’m pretty excited about this 12 months programme.

Here’s my final submission which took almost half a day to prepare. I tried hard to speak clearly and spoke for 9 mins. I had to keep up to the necessary points and tried hard to shrink it to 4 mins. Couldn’t go less than that. Watch my newbie pitch.

The next cohort of Idea School will start in early July. If you feel that you have a founder DNA, then I’d suggest you join the cohort and get the most out of it.

If you’re interested to view my final submission video, comment below to get access.

Btw, I hope you understood the concept of subtraction from my previous letter. If not, I’d recommend this thread to you.

Hope that was not overwhelming for this week. Expecting your comments. Btw, why don’t you gift this subscription to a deserving soul for free?

Thank you! You guys are awesome!


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