Who needs advice??

Yesterday, I had a talk with one of my Acquaintance. She was talking really in a very  casual manner. I asked if she had an exam. Then I asked for the subject, time and venue of the exam. She replied in a kind way. But then she said, “Philosophy!!”. I asked her if she likes to hear advice. “NO! NO!!”, she said.

Use it in your life too… # +’ive thinking #OPTIMISM

  Today,  I had a talk with another Acquaintance. He asked for an explanation. I asked him to compare it with my DP. He did compare it and came up with confusions. A template is used in C++ language and it accepts any type of data we give and it works very well. So matching it with real life, what I meant was, to take every incident in positive way and work on for further improvements in your life!! So he too said, “Philosophy!!”. I asked him the same question. “YES! OF COURSE!!”, he said.

Seriously, this is a matter to think about. I know about both these persons. Actually I can tell frankly that the girl needs advice the most. She is not kind, not polite, but acts too smart. The boy, on the other hand who needs advice actually is really kind-hearted. So, I seriously got a thought.

The person who never likes to receive advice is the one who actually needs it…! The one who doesn’t deserve, really likes to hear it…!!

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    • Thank you Anna!!
      You cleared the Bushes.. Now I’m walking 🙂

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