Hate you..! Confi Killer!!

“Hi., could you tell me the proxy of SRM Campus-wifi?”

“Ya., It’s ###.##.#.2”

“No man., it doesn’t get connected!”

“OMG! I have no idea about i-phones. I’m Sorry”

“Yup., got it connected!!”

“Hmm., that’s good!”

“Wtf! Whatsapp is blocked!!”

“Yup., In android mobiles we use DroidVPN to connect to whatsapp.”

“Ohh., VPN.. k.  Just take your mobile. Open ‘Modify Network’ and change it to ‘Static’. Type ####….#.##….##.#.#.#.#.##…. ‘Connect’ it.,,!”

“Wtf is it!!”, something popped out. Again some random digits.. ####….#.##….#..##…##….!

“Read the first 15 digits. Next 4., Next 6…!”

I did. Completely baffled, I asked him, “What are you trying to do!?”.

“Nothing da.. Just a try”, he said. Suddenly all his Whatsapp messages started listing out.

I didn’t react. I just kept looking at Mooks…! Then we gradually started our conversation.

He is David. Working in the Main HUB of CISCO in Bangalore for a couple of years, but didn’t know any place near by..lol.

He has come here with his friend for some CCNA examination. But idea behind his visit to SRM for the exam is really terrific.

There are other branches where these exams are conducted. But he chose SRM. He came all the way from Bangalore to Chennai(KTR) for his friend to write an exam!! Is it believable!! But yea.. He did just for that.

“Even though we had other branches, do you know why we chose SRM?”


“Because, SRM is very poor in Networking. No firewall and stuff like that.”

“But why do you have to come here? Did you come here to repair our Network or what?”

He laughed and said, “No., not at all. How do you expect me to close the hole by which we reach our desired destination in Zero Kilo-Metres?”

“Shit!! It’s a kind of malpractice right!?”

“Not a kind of., 😛 It’s exactly a malpractice.”

I murmured, “SRM networku avlo mosama!!

Then he explained the whole stuff. I was just impressed. He asked about me. I said about my Video making, Web Designing and Poster making.

He laughed like an ass. Just thinks that he has jumped from sky.

“Why the hell did you take B.Tech? It’s utter rubbish thing that you have done in your life. You will really have to pay for it.”

“Who the hell are you man? Get the hell out of SRM. I’m going to complain you to the sir. You are cheating in the exam!”, my mind talked. I didn’t react. I couldn’t.

He asked me to study Networking. He judged me that I’m not good in Networking from the early talk it seems. Yes, I’m weak in Networks, and I don’t like that topic. Then how can he ask me to do that. All sort of bad words came into my mind. But I didn’t show any reaction to him. What I did was a nod. These all are OK. It was bearable. Who is he to Judge the SRM Staffs? He said, “Go and ask your Networking staff, if Richards Deal Book is good for studying networks. If he/she say yes, he/she is the best teacher else he is not even a teacher”. “Especially your teachers would not recommend this book I can bet you!!”, he added.

I just want to know what problem he has with our SRM. He never studied in a college. May be that jealousies. He earns 2L / month. May be that over-smartness.

I really appreciate his knowledge. But really a waste guy for our society. High attitude!! If I see him again, I have so many words to throw at him. (******…). I wish I get another chance to meet him.

But still… I’m still baffled, “How did he believe me and tell all the tricks that he used? Did he think I didn’t know any terms that he used like, traffic, tunnel, firewall, switch, hub, accessing, shutdown, etc…” If so, listen to me..,Common Man

“Don’t underestimate the power of a common man…!”

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