Who is the Culprit An unknown mystery!

My Article was released in the December’15 Release of “Sudesamitran” by Thozhan Team. Here for you!

After the Silent walk with Arappor Team, myself and my friends stayed back at the Besant Nagar beach and we had a lot of fun until the late evening tides started roaring. On the way back after having fishes and corn, we met a person sitting with a box and some cards near him. The box was designed like a prison cell in which there was a green parrot. We passed through his set ups. Myself and Mohan laughing at it inside, somehow managed to show it to the others. We planned to spend some time with that parrot and its man. We approached him and heard some truths from him. Yes! Obviously a truth. Anything is true when talked in general. He (any person of this kind) speaks only generally.

Whatever is said in general, human mind somehow gathers that incident that suits in our life and finally matches it. So, thus it is a real truth he has spoken. Having that truth in mind with some manipulated statements to justify that he was talking in general, with some real time examples I continued walking with them arguing.
Keeping up that spirit, I just recollected something that happened in front of my eyes. (Names used here are not exactly the same)

Kanth was at the age of his marriage. His parents were searching for a perfect match for him. He never wanted to love a girl. But he loved his parents and his little cute sister a lot. He does a lot for the Society. He is a real human being with no bad habits like smoking or drinking. He can be scolded at only for his genuinely behaviour and intelligence. He is a genius. He masters anything that he does. Not only me, but also others who are with him closely admire him a lot. But, why is such a man not able to get married? None of us know the reason. People say, “He does too much for the society!”. But it is our duty and he is doing that with all his heart. Others say, “He is a self-motived person!”. He always suffers and takes care of his family a lot but that doesn’t mean that he is such a selfish person. It is a debt to his parents that he should serve them with all that he can. But, all these can never be a reason for it.

They might have seen a number of astrologers and a number of horoscopes. But, that has decided everything. But why? Why is that sheet of paper deciding a man’s life? If a astrologer can draw the chakras by guessing the future of the child when he is born, why can’t he just draw it so that the child never has any problem! Now you may get a question, “How can this affect anyone’s marriage and also that marriage is a matter of two horoscopes to be matched, and not just a single one!?”. Agreed! Here is the trap that you fail to overcome. In any case, obviously any astrologer who checks the same two horoscopes of the same two persons must say the same truth.

Kanth’s parents were happy to hear from their astrologer, “You have 8/10 matchings. And don’t miss this opportunity. It is a rare match!”. Delivering this message to the girl’s side, Kanth’s parents waited for their call at 8:00 PM. The girl’s family said that if they are also happy with the horoscope, they will make a call at 8:00PM. Kanth’s parents were so exited from 7:30 PM. They had their voices bold and completely hopeful about the reply to be positive at 8:00PM. They waited until the clock struck 8:00. Kanth’s father waited for a few more minutes near the phone itself. The phone rang and he picked up the call in pride. Gradually his voice turned to sound slow. Then he stared at us Kanth’s mom and just hung the call up. The astrologer from the other side said that there was no proper matching, and this matching was not enough. This is exactly the contrast! What has taken place here!? I seriously wonder. Whose mistake was it? Is the astrologer or the astrology the culprit? It’s an unknown mystery! For all the parents and relatives who are in search of a bride or a bridegroom, please don’t go to the astrologers to learn the match. They know nothing about your sons and daughters. If you think that marriages after the consultancy of an astrologers will only lead a good life, then think of those people who have divorced even after such consultancies.

When I sat for the astrology, the man noticed all of my friends instead of me. That was the time when these guys were making fun of me by calling some girl names. He concluded something of himself and finally told me some shits. Since I kept smiling and didn’t speak anything, he said that I am a Silent person who obeys other people. As Mukesh was asking me to sit down for astrology, the man got a mind-set that Mukesh is a commander and he never obeys any one and also that none can control him. It’s all a general talk. Actually he talks what he sees. There is no predictions in this. This is astrologer’s work nowadays. So are the astrologers the culprit?

“The scientific community rejects astrology as having no explanatory power for describing the universe, and consider it a pseudoscience. Scientific testing of astrology has been conducted, and no evidence has been found to support any of the premises or purported effects outlined in astrological traditions. “ _Wikipedia

Is Astrologer or the Astrology the culprit? It’s an unknown mystery!

_G.Surendar Thina

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