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_Voice of the Brain


A boy who celebrated his birthday for the 19th time, said that he always make some resolutions on that auspicious day. He makes a note of all the good qualities that he sees every day and then finally seems to ignore every point in it. Not because he was careless. But his poor brain is not able to process all these at a time.
“Tan Tadadatan tadadatan tdada tdada tdada…” That was the movie I was seeing. Hope you have guessed it. I got inspired by that movie and then I decided to stop using the MNC products as much possible. I know it is not possible to stop using it completely. But still, I can do my best to avoid it. My friend drinks Coke and Pepsi a lot. Even though I don’t drink those, I never thought of advising him to stop drinking it. I have even bought them for him many times. I just felt guilt. Then I stopped buying it when anyone asked for it to me. This was the step that I had taken. And now without even my knowledge, I started looking for the Manufacturer Details in any unknown product that get, like chocolates. Even for the shower… I am using Shiyakkai, which is a home-made product, more over it is an Indian Product.
What you see today, if you feel it as a good habit, it is wise to upgrade that quality with in you right at that moment. Piling up of all those qualities and trying to make a chart out of it and then planning to execute it is really a harder one. Our Human mind is a single process executer. It cannot handle every amendment that we make at a moment.
The truth is, our mind doesn’t understand how much important any process or our thought is. It just considers all these thoughts as a pile of information and as a result it is us who fail in executing bulk actions.

Voice of the Brain: Dear fellow bearers, kindly understand my weakness and act accordingly. You say that you do not want me to master you. I never tried to be so. And you people have to understanf that I’m not your slave. Don’t dump all your desires on me. I too have some limitations and I do agree that. Act Accordingly!

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