VEGAM 2k15

VEGAM – Athletic Meet for the differently abled

As part of our commitment towards differently-abled student’s participation in extracurricular events, CSS has been organizing competitive sports events since 2009. We take pride in encouraging differently-abled students to express their sportsmanship on the field and also to experience the mingling of athletes with other school competitors.

Happiness is when you are in a unseen group of people and you are being noticed by your name 🙂

The VEGAM PORTAL made by us., ( Saiyasodharan , Sunil, Priya and Thina‬) for the Online Registrations
They said, “You have reduced our 90% work!!” Just amazing

The complete CSS team… omg!! Just awesome
They really talked and treated very sweetly. Such a kind service by the Volunteers.., ( including me wink emoticon ) .

Morning’s Bike ride with ‪#‎Sunil‬ ( Visited so many places in a glance… [Chen Beach to Velacheri to Nandanam] ),
Registering as a Volunteer… ( Serving…  )
Adjusting ID card and CAP… ( Style..
Afternoon’s late lunch… sacrifice  ( 2 Parottas..)
Water supply to the special children… ( A friendly battle… ),
Sunil and me mokka with Israel girl.. (a kind hearted traveller… )
Congratulations from CSS main heads… ( super motivation…  ),
Special byes to all… ( Dramatic… )
Lonely walk on the road… ( Deadly… due to the breaking of rules )
Raid again… ( zigzag majja… )
Street boys in Train… ( Adventurous  )

Finally the feel…. ( AWESOME  with a bit of body)

After all the Hard work of the Chennai Social Service Team and the Volunteers, the Event was made a grand success and the two things were achieved!!





No.333, Anna Salai Nandanam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600035
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