Stop living by someone else's rules

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“Stop living by someone else’s rules”. What does this quote make you think?

Should you not obey the rules set up for you by the company or your elders?

There is a general misconsumption of this quote. If you understand the contextual meaning, I appreciate that. If you think someone needs to know this, please let them know.

It also means, we need not obey the rules set up for someone else by that same person, for their growth in life.

Now, thinking about why would someone try to live by someone else’s rule? Because, that someone has become successful and you feel, taking the same path would make you successful as well.

Success is not a result, but the combination of your process, circumstance, contextual mindset, etc. In fact, the term “successful” does differ contextually for every one of us, every time and at every place.

When success is contextual for the same person, why would you expect you to be successful by following that person?

As far as you are happy with your routine of small steps consistently and not feeling guilty for not taking big steps others take to ensure success, you’re doing great and you’re already successful to you than anyone who’s doing things hard to become “successful”.

Just keep doing what makes you happy! 🙂

What would you add up to this thought? Please comment below.

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