Bitclout is the irresistible future for artists.

Bitclout looks more like a mixture of Twitter, BitBns, and Opensea, running on #Blockchain.

After starting to explore the technology, I’m glad to be one of the early adopters of the new Crypto Social Network built on it.

It’s interesting that I’m a coin there. Yes, you read it right! I am a coin there, worth ~13.66$ per coin right now; and there are ~5 such coins in circulation.

At this moment, it is Free to join, create your posts, engage with other creators. Not sure if it would always be Free.

Is it the beginning of the major revolution for a Social platform? Well, It could be! Nobody is sure, but most of us believe it.

Being in a platform as an early adopter before many Influencers here, are already worth a ton in the Bitclout platform and it makes me feel strong about the purpose of the platform!

It’s about using that strength to begin my marathon!

When are you going to start yours? Hope to find you there!

Here is my Clout profile:

Follow me to know more about the platform. Let’s make it together!

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