Rejection enhance Premiumness

What do you think?

People generally want to go behind people who rejects them,

or mostly the people who act like they don’t care or the ones who purposely ignores them!

I don’t know, it’s a tough time for the people who genuinely cares, right?

When someone gives more time for the people who seek for help,

mostly they’re taken for granted and I’m not sure if if this is how we are all built!

You know, basically starting from our teenage crushes to our career aspirations or the inspirational people,

we approach them and go speak to them. But, when they get close to us,

we just take them for granted and we just don’t feel that same rush to go speak to them any more.

This is the same way how a new product creates a waiting list, and makes people wait for their acceptance,

and this is not bad, as it builds more curiosity around that product.

This also brings a sence of Premiumness also, right?

But, do you think an individual also do this, to create a premiumness around them

Does this create a sence of celibrity feel when we do this?

I think, somewhere or the other people are all emotionally bound to this behaviour,

and yeah I mean this seriously exists here.

Most of the genuinely caring people disappear, or they’re taken for granted due to this!

Why do you think poeple would go behind the people who reject or ignore them, and not for the ones who genuinely cares?

Cheers!! 🚀

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