How to be an interesting person?

Everyone wants to be an interesting person!

Have you come across people who don’t take efforts to make their presence interesting but happen to become the most interesting person in the group?

Have you ever thought about how could they do it, and why not you? I have thought a lot about it and wanted to share it with you here.

Not everyone can be as interesting as he expects to be! But, yes it can be practised eventually. It’s also interesting that many of us do have this inbuilt.

Oh, wait! What do I mean by being interesting?

It’s about making people curious about what you speak or do. Most people don’t observe you always. So, there’s a need to express yourself to keep yourself interesting.

Not a big deal, it comes with practice!

Before talking about practising, I’d like to share the in-built factors (that can be practised) that make you interesting.


It’s the best way to make people laugh and think. For it, to make you interesting, you need to make a person laugh, allow them to take a moment to think, process and bring a smile every time they come across a similar one.

Some forms of humour work promptly, and some takes time to process.

However, what’s important is the level of the audience where we are in. You can’t expect timely humour to be understood by those who haven’t experienced that similar context before.

So, either keep up the context or explain with the same enthusiasm after cracking it at first.


By this, I do not mean to overrule others or to have control over others. Rather, I mean to hold your Mic tight.

Your strong voice with a confident statement will grab the group’s attention. What else do you need, when you want to be interesting! You just need a chance to grab attention.

Being dominant will help you become interesting. But what’s important here is what you speak or express once you gathered the attention. That’ll help setting up your impression.

Caution: Dominance should be a part of your expression and not your character!

What makes you interesting? Would you rather choose to be dominant or humorous?

Comment below!

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