The Worst Advice for a Night Owl!

There’s no limit to Advice around us! But can’t help! People always have something to say for anything you do!

So, what could be the worst you hear from someone when you are a Night Owl?

“No matter what time you sleep, Wake up early! Eat and Sleep until anytime you want!”

Heard this? Many times?

When your work a night shift or late evening shift, it’s quite hard to get sleep immediately after you finish your brain work.

For people who wants to grow in their career, after being engaged with the work for at least 9 continuous hours with obvious breaks in between, it’s quite hard to sleep as quick as you may expect.

Do you think sleeping is a matter of an ON-OFF switch?

Your brain has to be out of all the chaos to get into a state of blankness that causes sleep!

Even after overriding all the chaos and sleep, the mind isn’t going to take up a relaxed sleep. It’s mixed up with a lot of ups and downs in the form of dreams, and they are mostly Nightmares!

To get them sorted out, the brain will take a lot of time and obviously, it’s our duty to give time for it to settle. This helps you for a better day ahead when you wake up.

“But why can’t you wake up early, eat and sleep?”

Experiencing all these nightmares, if you try to wake up EARLY with all the energy you have, the next day you’ll end up seriously thoughtful and simply overthinking your nightmares.

And, that’s as simple as ruining your day!

Working late at night is not bad. But, waking up the next day just to eat and sleep again is.

Our sleep cycle is different, and so is the eating cycle. We don’t need to eat at others’ usual time. That’s how our body has practised and there’s no point in forcefully changing it.

“How did you get used to this cycle?”

Not just because of our work. Even from college, we often stayed awake late at night and worked until the next day!

“So, what do you want to do?”

Working late at night or until late at night is not as easy as you stay awake and scroll your feeds. You put in your energy to think, process a lot of them and take decisions.

So let us be in our circle that’s more suitable for us! Adapting to your cycle is tedious and not necessary, to be honest!

We’re very much comfortable staying with our cycle!

It’s just a request on behalf of every person working in their night shift or late evening shifts, to everyone who’s jumping in front to advise.

PS: Not trying to offend anyone! Just my thoughts!!

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