How to be smart and Maintaining Relationship?

Getting into a relationship is easy. But how about maintaining it?

Once you are in it, you need to build it up and drive it healthy. Healthy relationships are long-lasting!

Relationships are all about Compliments!

Does that mean, you cannot suggest feedback for improvements?

To be precise, relationships are a mixture of compliments and improvements.

We happen to unconsciously bias with one of these, based on our historic behaviour and understanding.

How do you find a balance without bias?

Wait, is there always a balance to it at all?

Not always, but there’s balance.

Balance is NOT a series of alternative compliments and improvements!

It’s all about how you handle the delivery of it.

Compliments should NOT be candied, but candid.

Improvements should always begin with a Compliment and can’t be candid always.

Providing a compliment is an art and suggesting improvements require you to be smart!

In this context, you have to be a smart artist!

Correct? What do you think?

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