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Did you know, I had an interest of initiating a team which solely works to develop role playing games. I still wonder why that interest has not turned into a passion. I’m open to help people learn about building up new games using HTML5.

01. COCOS 2D – JS

Cocos2d-JS is Cocos2d-x engine’s JavaScript version that includes Cocos2d-html5 and Cocos2d-x JavaScript Bindings. It equips your game with cross-browser and cross-platform abilities, accompanied by full Cocos2d-x features and simplified JavaScript friendly APIs.


JavaScript friendly APIs make your game development experience a breeze – easy to code, test and distribute. In the meantime, Cocos2d-JS v3.0 is super powerful along with all these cool new features: Editors Support, Assets Manager, Object Pool, JS to Objective-C/JAVA reflection, etc.


There is no exact definition of what User Experience is, as this discipline is mainly about improving the experience and the way people interact with a given product. It’s associated with User Interface, and involves the construction of elements like navigation, ergonomics, usability and user path in a given interface.


A leaderboard provides a means to reward the best users and increase the game’s replay value by allowing the players to compete. It is defined as a collection of high scores achieved in a game session during a specific time segment in a specific portion of the game for a specific set of users.

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