End of Resume Era?

Here’s how you should handle it!

I usually get this question from people – “Why do you talk so much about portfolio? Do you tell me that resumes are going to fade away?“

No, never! They’ll never fade off until there comes a tool that’s even more powerful than ATS, robust enough to scan any portfolio and make a judgement about the qualification!

I have heard about ATS last year only.

It’s shocking to know that 98.8 percent of Fortune 500 companies used an ATS to filter out their job applications

Not only that.

79% of organizations that use an ATS utilize AI integration, and 20% of organizations plan to start using an ATS with AI integration in the next five years.

Resumes are becoming easier to evaluate day by day.

That being said,

Resumes are Never Fading Away!

Here’s what you should know:

Just because you have a top-notch Resume, ✨

you cannot get the best job out there! ❌

Don’t Skip reading further…

Just because you have a super attractive Portfolio, ✨

you cannot skip having the best Resume! ❌

What!! Yes, you read it correctly.

Having a super cool portfolio, helps you stand out of the crowd;

yet, your Resume will be demanded by most companies.

If you look closely,

✅ Every portfolio website will have a button that says – “Download Resume”

✅ No matter how impressed your HR is, they’d always want your resume to upload into the ATS, rather than just judging you through your portfolio.

Yo! So, what’s your take?

Do you need a Resume, Portfolio or Both?

Comment your thoughts below.

Cheers 🚀

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