Don't wake up too early to become successful

Do this one thing to keep you moving forward

You don’t have to wake up early to become successful,

but whenever you wake up, do this one thing to keep you moving forward.

🌞 Morning Practice!

A couple of standards I’ve set for myself to practice every morning, that can also help you:

✅ Strictly stay away from your Phone

Don’t let all kinds of thoughts and emotions occupy your memory space!

Our brain is just like any memory disk. The more you load, the less it can process!

This is a crucial step I take every day to start my day fresh, and to follow anything I wish to do.

✅ At least for 1 hour after waking up, spend time for yourselves

You can consider doing something regularly without your phones. I do some conscious breathing, a couple of stretches and a few pushups to keep myself active.

It’s during this time frame, that I generally get all kinds of intuitive thoughts that turn out to be game-changing moves in my daily happenings!

✅ Get ready for the day before you get immersed in external works

This one’s been a game-changing move for me. Getting ready involves, not just taking a bath, but also completing the breakfast.

When you satisfy your soul in the morning, it’s also your stomach that needs some attention before your mind is overloaded.

How’s mind and stomach related? There’s a lot to say. That’s for an other day!

These standards are hard to keep up for you. It’s tough for you right?

I understand.

I’ve tried to keep this up for at least a week, and I’ve failed several times.

But, now it’s become easy for me,

after the discontinuity from an ordinary life without connectivity to this world for 8 days, it’s now an easy thing for me, and I haven’t broken my practice for almost 3 weeks now.

Do you also keep up with similar practices daily?

If not, do you wish for one? Let me know!

I know it’s tough for you all. Best of Luck!

Cheers 🚀

Phew! I am glad that I was chosen to be part of that 8 days of discontinuity walk. It’s such a transformative experience! Transformation at it’s best!

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