A significant and reckoning perspective of WPS – Think-Digital

As you may have already read about the abstract behind WPS sessions, I’m pretty sure if you are hereby now, you are keen to know how the team Think-Digital (TD) is going to take a step forward to help the students community!

What’s in WPS for the college students?

A college student is someone who has picked up his course towards his destination. We cannot be of great help to the students of non-computer departments in their technical aspects, however, we can still provide them exposure to the management side of the works. Hence, we have narrowed it down to an extent that is very well feasible for us.

Basically, WPS is no complex. It is just a Weekend Productive Session. Meaning, the students get to interact with their mentors on the weekends for a maximum of one hour unless agreed by the mentor. A mentor in the WPS session will be either a senior member of the team or an alumni.

A senior member is someone who has a good understanding of at least one of the domains present in the team. It varies from Web/Mobile design/development, Graphic designing, Media, IoT, Machine learning, Blockchain, etc. An alumnus is someone who also has the above knowledge as well as a huge experience from the corporate, higher studies, or startup environments. It’s their lot of experiences that will be shed upon the mentees both technically as well as non-technically with compassion when required.

During the given one hour time frame, the student has the freedom to express his passion in his career. He can come up with real-life scenarios where he is facing hurdles to achieve his goals. At a high level, the mentor is expected to express compassion towards the emotions of the student mentee. We trust our members who take up the mentor role. They are capable of lending ears to the speaker.

What’s in WPS for the team Think-Digital?

WPS has a huge opportunity for the team in expanding the vision across every college student in need. At this moment, our members are spread across the country to a good extent from J&K to TN. However, the density is in smaller units. Being a part of WPS, every student will be a part of our Think-Digital team. Being a part of the team, they will be the future mentors and alumni of the team, continuing the legacy of giving the best support for their upcoming juniors. What more would a community expect from their members? Keep the community active and never let it die. Simple, no?

To become a Mentor, please register. For more clarifications, please reach out to me via comments below or through any social platforms.

WPS is not for Schools or job change seekers!

Ok, but why? There are a couple of solid reasons we had to take this hard decision. In fact, one of our primary aim of WPS was to target School students, as they contribute to the future college generation. However, on a micro-level, this does not work out as we expect. Like it or not, this is very well thought, and no possibilities to add them back anytime soon.

Here are the reasons for setting our primary goal to enhance the college students community:

  • School students: Students from school age, do not understand the need to learn new technology. They do not understand the demand for a job. They seldom take a step forward themselves with awareness. Schools have not taken a step to help students learn to be self-aware. Instead, they have trained the students to follow orders. This may not be the case with all the schools or teachers, but it is quite impossible to cherry-pick such rare schools. Also, we are an Information Technology and Computer Science oriented team and we do not want to bias their thoughts with ours for their career.

  • Job change seekers: Job change seekers usually want to make a shift for an increase in pay or a better culture during work. We respect the motivation of our passed out seniors from TD, who are experienced corporate professionals now. They have a lovable heart. The hurdles they undergo to stay in touch and travel along with us in the journey of helping new students is incredibly overwhelming. So, it feels quite embarrassing to expect them to support other corporate professionals who are making a jump in their career.

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