A customer is better earned than acquired!

Got a phone call from a junior guy, who has already stepped into B2C and not stepping into B2B. Here is a quick convo between us, which I would like to briefly summarize here:

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“My sales pitch never got a positive response in my locality!”

Move on, find potential clients from outside your locality.

“No, only this locality is assigned to me”

Ok, so your target is limited and there is a need to convert so much.

How do you start pitching?

“I do not want my customers to waste time. I talk to them about all the benefits they would get and the best prices and services/products I offer”

Are they already your customers, if they have not yet subscribed to your services?

“No, but I have the mindset that I will make them my customer one day”

Do they know you? – “No”

Ok, now hear my thoughts:

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A customer is earned. Not acquired. No person will not be ready to buy unless they are in need, and you are a trustable person (indirectly a brand).

So, you can have a target to achieve a customer, but not the assumption of someone to be your customer.

Do not start pitching in right on day one. You can do it one day within your deadline.

Build the trust and help them understand the need for your service. Talk to them about how you are better than the other providers.

If you realize, there is something missing in your service/product that a potential customer needs, set an expectation. Do not produce a lot of speech to abstract your limitations. Instead, talk to them about the promotional benefits in addition to their existing ones.

Any more thoughts for the guy?

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