Your Best Works are not Enough to know who you are!

It’s a bit more than that, and it’s not hard at all.

The Concept of a Portfolio is highly Misunderstood, and we just broke that!

A standard answer to what a portfolio is – a showcase of your best works!

All right, Partially!

For a Business, it could be merely a showcase of your best works. But, what about an Individual?

For an Individual like you and me, a portfolio is not merely a showcase of your best works.

It’s who you are, and how you want to showcase yourselves to this world.

You tell me, just by looking at my best works, how can you know me?

How can you know me, without knowing about how my journey was, how far I’ve come through, and how did I face my failures etc?

Just showing your best work does not tell the world who you are.

It’s a bit more than that, and it’s not hard at all.

✅ Our team came up with the simplest way to get this all done!

✅ We also brainstormed about the things we have been doing since our childhood, and yet we didn’t realize that we were building our portfolios.

✅ We broke some myths about the concept of Portfolios vs Resumes.

✅ The tool we chose to build our portfolio was!

✨ It was a wholesome experience to interact with the Members of our Think Digital Community (Teedians)!

Here are the people who joined us for the session!

Adhavan Ponram Arun Kumar M P Abdur Rahuman Fahim Isha Roze .A Kokila R Karthikeyan E Krishna V Ramya B Sruthi Rangarajan Swetha Hareharan V Vijay K P Anubala

It was emotional to listen to the efforts these people have put into joining us for the workshop today! It means a lot to me!

It was yet another breakthrough session for me!

I’ve gathered confidence in the value brought on the table, and also the content delivered.

A special mention goes to Sudharsan Varatharajan for providing his Bversity office space for us to conduct this workshop!

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