Who was GOD?

Before starting, I give a strong apology to those who strongly believe in God!! 

Let me start…

It was THAT day… I knew more about Science and Technologies. No one were even ready to believe my science. So I kept quite. I never spoke a word about my knowledge, to others! I didn’t have anyone to tell all these! 🙁 So, I kept quite. And watched what happened in this world.

I knew every ‘HOW?’s and ‘WHY?’s but no one else knew or wanted to know. I felt happy because they obeyed me to a certain extent. But at times, I really felt about the backwardness of these people, but was satisfied by seeing the rest of the world. They had no reasons too for what they do. Yup., most of the divided land mass had such people. But there were some people similar to me with all my thoughts. I spoke only with him. I called him Yasosai. But he himself called as a Psychopath.

I had no choice other than listening to all their pointless beliefs. I did nothing other than that. I saw each and every movement of theirs.

One fine day, when everyone went on with their day-to-day activities, I saw a few discs flying over me. At first I wondered what it was! Then understood that it was our fellow planet creatures. Then I tried to understand what was actually happening. But I Just got blank. An emptiness surrounded me.

I can see every thing around me.
I can feel and touch everything.
But I can’t even try to gather my mind.
It just scattered around!
All I saw became darker.
Ears got caught by silence.
I only knew what’s a Black Hole.
But felt it for the first time in real.
I’m getting squeezed…
that’s it..!!

I opened… not my eyes, but my mind! The weird feel that I had, killed me from inside. I turned and looked a familiar face, sitting in the same state of mine. I don’t remember his name. I tried to speak… I spoke… only air… No words! Then a screen opened in front of me, written “LIVE” on the top left. I saw some humans on the screen. I tried to recollect everything I had in this small mind. And here my narration goes . . .

“Some had four heads, some had eight hands…
Every one on our earth were scared of them… they were the fellow creatures of the neighbouring planet, the so-called Aliens. Other than me, only Yasosai was brave to stand in front of them.  But then later those creatures assured us that they wouldn’t harm us. Gradually people believed in a usual pointless way.  But here they had a reason for it. The so-called Aliens gave them everything that the people asked. Not just the things that they gave, but the way in which they gave ruled over the minds. All sorts of vanishing and appearing were done by them to impress the humans as if we were their opposite gender! Our people asked for all impossible things that they knew. And those creatures gave all that the humans asked. When time passed, their whole team came and introduced themselves. They said about their relationships.


Most interestingly, they not only had a number of heads and hands. Some had faces of elephants, cow, horse, etc..  Everything that they had, resembled to one thing or the other on our earth. Their equipments were really amazing. They used them not only for making miracles but also to punish the bad ones. Each of those creatures had their own vehicles to travel. Even those vehicles had some similarities to the shape of some animals or birds on our earth.

Made a guess? Yaa., those people on earth saw the awesomeness of those creatures, and were really impressed by their activities. But the day came… all those creatures had to leave our planet. And they did. But didn’t leave… but vanished!!

That’s what happened. But ultimately, as we are now, even at that time, the people couldn’t forget them. So they imagined their shapes and structures of them and their vehicles, and made diagrams. But that was really impossible. So, the people put up bit of human features. And some noticeable features of the so-called Aliens were transformed in to a similar shaped creature on earth. Those elephant headed and Horse headed… All were drawn, and explained. The technical weapons that they had were modified with some ropes and stuff and made attractive. The vehicles that they came in was compared perfectly to the animals and birds on our earth.
They praised them for all the needs, and believed that they are still watching on our earth, and providing with all our needs. This is happening even now…
Those modified and re-made aliens are still hanging on our walls with all possible decorations. They even have peaceful homes on our earth called the Temples.

So., finally the God was . . .

I didn’t say that there is no God.., it will be nice if there is a God..!  _Kamal Hassan

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  • Wow Thina.. You literally summarized the `Chariots of Gods` here 🙂 Have you read it? If not. give it a read. Its awesome (y)

    and Happy new year 2015. May gods, errr, Aliens bless us (y)

    9:54 pm December 31, 2014 Reply
    • Wow., =D I’ll surely read it… I downloaded it now/. 🙂
      ThanQ and same to you… 😉

      4:08 am January 1, 2015 Reply
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