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Got chance to learn and work with Core Java and Spring MVC for almost a year. Friends I got here are lifetime worthy. The experience here was not so great or mentionable.

However, I have to thank the seniors who were with me throughout the year. Some of the notable seniors are Kathiresan, Sangeeth, Prasanna, Pavithran, Mathuganga, Meena, Priyanka and very importantly Thangaraj. All their lives were not so easy. I wish they have a better life ahead in the future. I’m glad they are already out of the company and in a better place now.

I joined as a Software Developer in FSS, one of the early Financial companies in India. I got placed for a decent package, and our batch was called “The Elite Batch”. An external mentor assigned to our batch, Ajay (AJ) cultivated an interest in Java. I can write another article about my experience with him, not here. It was quite challenging to survive in the company without knowing the depth of Java, but I did showcase my Ionic + Angular Skills to keep up my position in the team.

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