Productivity at its best

for a better portfolio and a career!

Dear Productive Students,

My team has been extremely productive working from home, no matter they like being at home or enjoy being at campus!

They cannot deny that, even if they do not like being at home, hehe!

It is not being at home, but being away from the regular attendance of classes!

I truly believe in education from our home/hostel! The productivity is exponential, provided they get the freedom to explore sitting at a work desk!

Meeting people in person at college is essential as well. In a 4 years course, I would prefer to have offline classes for the first 4 semesters, during which they develop bonds and create memories!

After this, it is indeed their time to ensure a lot of productivity for a better portfolio and a career!

Seriously, productivity at its best can be achieved by staying online, not necessarily from home but somewhere away from the campus!

What are your thoughts on this?

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