New Milestone – Addressing 300+ Students! ✅

First-time experience, not only in addressing a bigger audience, but also in a couple of other things too.

I’ve never imagined myself doing all these, but it happened, and I wanted to share it with you all here.

For the first time,

✅ I delivered a speech in my Hometown

✅ I could express my whole life’s journey so far

✅ I addressed School students (soon-to-be college students)

✅ I’ve given a Speech for 80 mins (1 hour and 20 mins) at a stretch

And yes, none slept! That was the best part.

The people were actively interacting with me during the speech, and

the Best of Best part was, almost 30 people volunteered to come forward and share their gratitude words about my speech.

Witnessing their enthusiasm in this video was such bliss!

It was a day of realisation of my own potential to motivate the youth audience.

😇 Of course, one major factor that contributed to this was, that I was from where they belonged to.

Though I never had such an experience in addressing and motivating people earlier, grabbing this opportunity was really worth it!

I’m thankful to the whole management of TMHNU Matric Hr Sec School, and the Secretary, Balasaravanakumar K for this opportunity.

✨ Glad, and grateful for this wonderful opportunity!

A couple of years back, I could never imagine myself doing all these, but just the day before the event, I visualized myself doing it.

I’m glad, I did it better than how I visualized it.

It has given me a whole new level of confidence, which I would consider utilizing to create more impact for the youth!

Wow! It feels great to recollect the moment, and proud to document it here.

Cheers 🚀 to more such opportunities!

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