I was merely a Tangential Hurricane

A recap to this Lazy week!

It was quite a lazy week, yet I felt like buckling up myself with this email to you.

Mom was at home, taking care of Tindel. So, it felt like I and Anu had so much time for both ourselves, and also Think Digital. But unfortunately, all I did was sleep, sleep, sleep, and sometimes work. Too many disturbances, mini-fights and arguments last week. Both myself and Anu had our cups half filled, and were unable to help each other fill for each other!

Yet, there were three notable things that happened in the week.

  • Addressed 150+ students at Sathyabama University

  • Hurricane Trip to Nagercoil

  • Organized a Networking event for 30+ college students

🗣️ Addressed 150+ students at Sathyabama University

Standing in front of 60 school classmates and reading was hard.

Standing in front of 30 fellow college folks and speaking was hard.

Standing in front of 3 higher officials while working is hard.

Standing in front of 1 investor and pitching your idea is hard.


If you face one of them, the rest of them will not be hard at all.

You get to choose!

If you keep skipping, you’ll get to learn it in a hard way!

I was afraid of speaking in front of my classmates, as I used to stammer. I kept stammering and escaped from any potential reading or speaking opportunity.

If I had not taken that second chance given to me in my first year of college, I can’t imagine speaking in front of 150+ students now!

There’s always a moment that will break you, which will be your breakthrough moment.

Put yourselves into that moment, as soon as you can.

If you’re a college student, here’s a quick tip for you to break your fear of speaking in front of your classmates.

When the whole class is engaged in their work, go in front of the classroom and ask (shout), “Someone give me a pen!”. And continue, “I’ll just give it back in a moment”.

The oddest thing that can happen is no one will give you a pen. Say thanks and get back to your place.

Trust me – someone will give you a pen and boost your confidence!

Have you ever tried this, ever?

Let me know what other things you have tried to overcome the fear of speaking in front of the public.

Cheers! 🚀 I’ll read you in the comments.

🌪️ Hurricane Trip to Nagercoil

Indeed, it was such a trip. We rushed to and from Nagercoil, for a friend’s marriage. Too much travel in a very short span of time.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind, if you’re travelling a very long distance, but have to return in a day.

  • Travelling for 13 hours, the best thing we did was choose a sleeper bus. Book a sleeper, even if you lose a bit of money. You won’t regret it.

  • We ended up lifting the trekking bag with all our clothes, a laptop bag with Tindel’s items, and a feeding pillow. Pack very effectively. Don’t forget your power banks.

  • We took a couple of toys for Tindel. Though it helped in some cases, it occupied a lot of space in our bags. It’s better to avoid taking too many toys, especially ones like Lego or Pipes. You may tend to miss their pieces.

  • I downloaded a movie on Hotstar, as I was not sure about the internet while travelling. They’re mostly not seamless while travelling.

  • We kept an eye on the Break and Rest stops. It helped us to keep us stretched, and also to fill our stomachs and empty our bladders. I can’t imagine missing a rest stop and asking the driver to stop.

  • Finally, we stumbled upon a place, where they had no clue about online or UPI payments. We didn’t have cash. It’s better to have some cash with you.

Hope it helps, and you don’t end up in any tough situations like me, hehe! Feel free to share these tips with your friends or family.

👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏼 Organized a Networking event for 30+ college students

Even if you’re not the best, but at least good at Networking, you need to read this.

❗ One of the crucial aspects any college students should consider building is their NETWORK & CONNECTIONS.

However, there are not many opportunities to build a like-minded network of students.

While a very small fraction of college students are attending the meetups happening around the startup and business ecosystems, almost 95% of college students have never gotten that guidance to step out of their college to build a real network.

✅ This is why we should make Networking a common practice for college students.

Not everyone will know how to network and build their connections. Even if they know, they are not willing to come out of their comfort zone to take that one step towards building their connections.

✅ Hence, the process of Networking should be structured, redefined and gamified for college students. This is how you can make Networking a common practice for college students.

✅ That’s why we came up with the concept of #LinkedOut, exclusively for college students. We’ve done two episodes of this already, and impacted ~50+ college students.

Glad to be working with Sruthi Rangarajan, Krishna V, Muthu Vishal, Rubesh Magesh Kumar, and Anubala Balasaravanakumar in creating this impact.

We’re building a structured, redefined and gamified process for college students offline!

If you’re still reading…

We all speak so much about Networking, but it’s time to act now!

“I’m already networking enough, and there’s nothing more to act upon it!” – Is this your mindvoice? 💭

Please rethink.

If you are good at something; if you know that someone needs to learn it; it’s a SIN if you don’t help them grow!

📣 So, here’s my ask to anyone who is already Networking enough to know the basics of it and also some DOs and DON’Ts of networking:

Would you be interested in joining me in making networking a new norm among college students? Kudos to you!!

If you’re a college student, and you’re interested in and aligned with me in this initiative to help and impact college students, kindly reply to this, or leave a comment “IMPACT” below. I’ll DM you my plan and process.

Cheers! 🚀 See you in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

Kindly share this with your fellow college students and raise awareness to build their Network, along with their Portfolio!

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