How has your week been so far?

Mine, indeed a packed up one! Yours?

Woohoo! Vanakkam, everyone!! How are you all?

How has your weekend been!? Mine was quite a packed-up one!

My grandparents came home on Friday. It’s been almost 3 days and I haven’t yet spoken well to them. They’ll be here in Chennai until next week, and I’m planning to spend some quality time with them, this week!

Not just them, but also Tindel hasn’t seen me much in the last two days! The weekend has indeed been packed! Yet, this was not the busiest one!

Anu and I have been working away from home for the last few days. It helps us keep up with the work and then dedicate time to Tindel once we’re back! We prefer going to Shell.

Btw, what are you working on this week? Is there anything that I can help you with? Do leave a comment below

Let’s dive in!

This week, I just wanted to share a couple of updates from what’s been happening around!

Response to the Portfolio Building Workshop

If you remember my holistic approach to portfolio building, here’s what one of the attendees said:

You may not believe it, but here’s the truth!

Anything I spoke there during the session is not me or my preparations!

In fact, I didn’t prepare any presentations/slides for the workshop!

It just happened.

It was indeed a breakthrough moment for me to conduct this workshop! So many new opportunities and possibilities opened up within myself!

Cheers to you guys for the trust!

Aruliya Asokan, Aruniya Asokan, Adil A, Ramya B

You guys will be remembered!

graphical user interface, text, application

I’m also planning to do my next cohort shortly. If you’re a college student, and looking forward to building your end-to-end portfolio at a different level, then comment “PORTFOLIO” below! I’ll send you the details for my next portfolio workshop!

Cheers! 🚀 Meet you in the comments!

If you’re interested in reading about the holistic approach to portfolio building, here’s the post about it.

New Value Added Series On the Way!

Do you think meeting new people is easy? What about meeting them for the second time?

How about meeting them with a common purpose and goal?

If you meet the same person for the third time for something productive and purposeful, you should be grateful!

I’m so grateful to have come across Rithwin – one of a kind, humble and admirable human. Many thanks to Abhiram who helped me connect with him.

Recently on a Sunny Sunday evening, our community members Aruliya Asokan, Krishna V, Anubala Balasaravanakumar and I went to meet Rithwin, who’s building Vittae.Money!

We discussed a number of things that highlighted the need for Financial Awareness and Literacy among college students, and their parents.

I got to learn a lot of new perspectives about money and how a college student should look at money, and deal with it.

The team Vittae.Money, and our team, Krishna V and Aruliya Asokan are bringing up something exclusive for college students, who are part of our closed community circle.

Join our closed community to get these exclusive benefits! Cheers! 🚀

Thank you,

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