Don't look for internships in your 3rd year!

Internships are only for the ones who want to…

I might shock you with this, but it’s the truth.

I’ve never in my life done any internships. I do not have any internship certificates. I did not have any internship experience during my college days.

However, I gained some real-world experience by working with people and communities. That was more impactful than an internship!

Internships are for anyone wanting to gain real-world experience and learn new skills. But, these days internships are being misused by both companies and even the students.

While a good percent of college students are making the best out of their internships, there’s still a majority of college students who are doing internships for the sake of the certificate to be submitted for their academic credits.

This is a letter for you all to grab that awareness about an Internship!

Don’t look for internships only in your third year.

You can find internships in any fields and industries, depending on your interests and goals, regardless of your current stage in career.

✨ Even a school student can do an internship if he wants to gain experience.

A school student, may look for internships in your parents’ or any relative’s business or shop to learn meeting new people, speaking with varieties of customers, arranging the items in the shop etc.

As a 1st year student, you can explore the internships space through individuals who are active online, your professors, or even the ones whom you know from industry, in helping them with their works. It gives you an exposure to what an ideal person in the industry does.

✅ If you are a 2nd year student, you can still do the same as above, and also the one below. This is a sweet spot stage for you. You could ideally find people relevant to your area of interests or your department, or identify small businesses or companies that are just starting out.

✅ And if you are a 3rd year student, you can apply for internships at different companies in your major or career field of choice. This time, you can target some well known companies, which can be a great addon to your portfolio.

🏁 Internships are a great way to build your portfolio, network with professionals, and discover your passions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow and learn.

If you do not have an internship today, find one soon; get ready to make an impact in your career!

If you’re not sure where to start, I can help you.

I’m open to take first time interns [school student, 1st year or 2nd year student] for my works online.

Let’s learn what an Internship is, and experience the best for your career!!

If you’re interested, or know someone who maybe interested, connect with me and comment below. Thank you!

Cheers! 🚀

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