Answer to my childhood's one of the most confusing advice


Finally realized the Answer to my childhood’s one of the most confusing advice, and wanted to share it with you all.

Most of us would’ve heard this piece of advice –


but never got to understand an apt meaning for it.

Even if we’ve interpreted some meaning, most probably it’s wrong unless you’ve experienced it for yourselves.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Let me share how I experienced it. It can help you experience it for you as well.

Since the closure of Diwali 2023, it’s been two complete weeks of

NOT BEING so active ONLINE, and on the phone = BEING so active OFFLINE!

πŸ˜‡ To be precise, I felt that I was being present in every moment that came by.

So many opportunities in the last 2 weeks,

βœ… and I’ve given my best to not miss any of them!

I literally lived every moment of these 2 weeks.

I felt complete, and I didn’t have any rush –Β 

❌ to check my online presence

❌ to check any messages

❌ to scroll or create content

❌ to answer to queries

❌ to be active anywhere else, but the live moment

πŸ˜‡ It felt good, real good!

Thinking back, all the above-mentioned things used to run in parallel almost all the time inside my head, and I’m sure for most of you as well.

🧠 It leaves very little space for our brain to process creativity, fun, and ultimately – the moment!

🀞🏼 To be honest, not answering all the messages on WhatsApp itself was a great relief πŸ˜‚Β 

❗ Seriously, if something’s so important, people will call you, rather than text you and wait for days.

In fact, I was more conscious while speaking via Phone, than usual.

I’m glad I could respect their importance in the matter anyone spoke to me over the phone.

Wow, I love how it feels to be present.

βœ… I wasn’t bothered about my online presence

βœ… I didn’t feel like replying to any messages

βœ… I couldn’t scroll for 2 mins continuously

βœ… I wasn’t processing anything in mind parallelly

That was nothing, but BEING PRESENT in the moment!

Indeed, it was not mere learning, but I realized what it takes to be present.

Something worth giving a shot, all of you.

PS: For me, everything started from the day I started using a third-party app to block the most used distracting apps on my phone.

Of course, being disciplined about following it.

My screentime has drastically reduced from ~7 hours in the past, to ~4 hours now!

Worth trying!

Cheers πŸš€Β  to your “BEING PRESENT”

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