You won’t know your potential until you try

Your expectations are always higher than your reality/potential and you are worried about the outcome of it!

Let’s take a quick look at both of these blockers.

Here are two sides to it!

  • You may exceed your expectations, in reality.

Well and good! I wish you the same! However, this is usually uncommon, because of our mindset. We mostly happen to assume our abilities higher.

  • You may hardly cross half of your expectations.

This is not permanent. Relatively, this is quite common in most of us! I don’t say, you’ll always hit the second. You can still exceed your expectations by consistent practice AKA trying!

How could you keep your expectations aligning with your reality?

All you need is self-realisation to understand who you are and realize what you can do!

Now, another question! How to be self-aware?


Try to do it once and you’ll get your potential. Then you can stay self-aware!

It’s simple to be self-aware! You just have to do it once! Then it’s your choice to do it again and improve yourselves from there.

Once you get into this loop, you keep expanding like the moving planets in our universe!

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