Unattended Divergence is Harmful

Everyone has a point in time when, by no intention and no awareness, we happen to diverge from the focus! Not in terms of work, but everything! If that point of divergence is unnoticed to some extent, we’ll somehow start pretending this diverged flow of focus is our usual!

The core of the problem is not the divergence! But it’s when you don’t realise the divergence! Not being aware of one divergence will very well lead you to the next divergence! Divergence happens in iterations. When it’s unattended, it finally becomes a loop!

This loop is nothing but the loophole that we create! Once the loop is created, you start living your life for no reason, no growth, no purpose, in spite of your continuous efforts and actions! To not create a loop, you should realise and stop diverging! Keep moving forward!!

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