WPS Season 2 – A Decisive Purpose out of an Abstract

Finally!! After gathering all the confidence after preparing the deck of slides for tomorrow’s WPS, we were all set for the first session of the WPS Season-2 for a wider audience than Season 1! With all the small experiences from my college to corporate, and that we had gathered from the students and their parents’ […]

A significant and reckoning perspective of WPS – Think-Digital

As you may have already read about the abstract behind WPS sessions, I’m pretty sure if you are hereby now, you are keen to know how the team Think-Digital (TD) is going to take a step forward to help the students community! What’s in WPS for the college students? A college student is someone who […]

WPS – An ultimate abstraction for 4 categories of people

Weekend Productive Session, shortly known as WPS is a successful series of events being held to enhance productive weekends for predictive career growth. When there’s a lot happening in a second, can you imagine how much we might have missed in the past ~2 years? What happened in these 2 years? We all know, the […]

The First and definitely the Best Season of WPS

The first season of WPS was more technical with a cherry-picked audience within the age category of 12 to 18 years. The aim of the first season was to bring in an idea of coding into the young brains. There were a total of 10 sessions, covering different aspects to evolve the logical thinking for […]

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