Mentorship is not Selling Courses

One simple question we get from almost everyone who has applied is, “How much does it cost for the 8-week programme?” This is how the mindset of our emerging students are modulated by the education business! We could have just asked for a minimum of Rs 99/- per session. But we know the value can’t […]

How to be smart and Maintaining Relationship?

Getting into a relationship is easy. But how about maintaining it? Once you are in it, you need to build it up and drive it healthy. Healthy relationships are long-lasting! Relationships are all about Compliments! Does that mean, you cannot suggest feedback for improvements? To be precise, relationships are a mixture of compliments and improvements. […]

BE CAREFUL when you want to try out the LINKEDIN PREMIUM features!

A few months back, I tried #LinkedInPremium and purchased a monthly subscription. It was exciting, I had a lot of time to explore and learn from it. It was all smooth for a month or two. After using Premium for quite a while, I cancelled my subscription since I wasn’t making use of it. LinkedIn […]

Is it true that our Schooling System is burning out?🔥

Indeed, the Schools are burning out 🥵 This may not be a Transition for the Education system itself, but the perspective towards it! For the parents, the last 18+ months had been tougher handling the new ecosystem enforced by the pandemic; dealing with their kids at home. However, it should have brought up an idea […]

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