A General Misconception among the College Students

If you join one of the Top colleges, getting a job is guaranteed! This is a General Misconception among College Students, mostly fed by parents and other relatives. Everything starts with their limitation that they know Everything about the current opportunities! They fail to explore further more than their assumptions, and eventually miss out on […]

Misunderstanding arises, if you Miss Understanding something

A couple of weeks back during one of our leads sync up at Think-Digital, I accidentally lost my temper which lead to misunderstanding! I usually keep myself calm in most situations and keep up my temper under control. But, on that day I lost it. It was because the progress of the team was relatively […]

Message for Students during Recruitment

A student should validate what the company is, from the company’s employees of their role before joining. During a Recruitment, How much a company tries to impress the students is sometimes quite hilarious; they start marketing about their company as if we were the VCs going to fund them. Most of these companies who are […]

Dear Final years, looking for alterations in your Resume?

Portfolio over Resume I’m here not to suggest changes to your Resume. There are many sites which can suggest you the best tips. They are just a Google away. What am I trying to add up here for you? Addition to your resume as a PDF, create a portfolio webpage that speaks about you. Emphasize […]

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