Aptitude was my problem and my Attitude was their problem!

I sat for placement for one of the so-called Dream Companies! Not sure who dreams to join these companies, to call it a dream company, lol.  Back to the point, After clearing the aptitude and coding tests, the third round was a very generic round, in which I was asked questions from different domains including […]

Misunderstanding arises, if you Miss Understanding something

A couple of weeks back during one of our leads sync up at Think-Digital, I accidentally lost my temper which lead to misunderstanding! I usually keep myself calm in most situations and keep up my temper under control. But, on that day I lost it. It was because the progress of the team was relatively […]

Speaking is easy, but speaking to the point does not seem to be!

I can’t speak without stammering, even a single line. Speaking to people is a nightmare for me. Most people have mistaken me for not opening up to them, for not picking up a line at first. But, I used to be scared if I would stammer. I remember, in the early days of my college, […]

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