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Thoughts Pocket is simply a pack of reminders for our everyday life!

Every thought that you read here is something that you already know.

Now, who is behind this?

My name is G Surendar Thina, a passionate Mentor and a professional Engineer!

I help college students develop skills to achieve their career goals by providing on-demand mentorships!

Founded Think-Digital Students Club, to build up a massive network of studentsprofessionals and entrepreneurs who started from level 1 with us.

I pick up the passionate students from the team and provide personal and contextual on-demand mentorship.

I dedicate quality time for the college students to cultivate the skills required to work, exposing teamwork right from product development to kickstarting a business, with management and leadership skills.

After working on the base, I’m looking forward to expanding our team to various colleges across India. The need for this expansion is to attain the long term vision of building up a massive network.


Enthusiastic about contextual concepts and decentralisation, especially the feasibility of Blockchain in EduTech

If you are a student or teacher who wants to form a students community in your college, feel free to hit me up or just email me:

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