Self Doubt: It’s Not Just a Feeling – It’s an Emotional State

Self Doubts are not rare. They come hand in hand with our efforts and achievements

👋 Hola,

⭐️ 4 Steps to Knock down your Self Doubts

⭐️ A moment in my life that nobody else knows

⭐️ TQI Reconnect Meet

⭐️ TD Scaling, questions Sustainability

⭐️ Kunal’s initiative for ECE students

⭐️ A Box of Surprise

👊 Four steps to knock down your Self Doubts

Doubting yourself on your strengths is very common, and unavoidable. However, it is not hard to overcome!

🧐 On some random days, have you been exhausted and unable to sleep yet?

🧐 Have you ever felt worthless in spite of doing a lot?

🧐 Do you sometimes think that people with similar visions are ahead of you, and what can you do going this late?

🧐 Ever felt to quit and drop your vision for someone?

Take a deep breath; Smile!

👐 Don’t worry! You’re not alone! Many of us have got at least one of these thoughts during our life so far.

I have felt all of these, and even many more which brought great realisations!

Self Doubts are not rare. They come hand in hand with our efforts and achievements.

This may be a problem for you, but it is not created by you, but it’s also not external. Cheers! 😂 Your brain/mind is the culprit. Indeed it is the culprit most of the time when you feel bad about yourself.

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Here are the simple steps to overcome self-doubts

👉 It’s important to keep reminding your brain about your constant efforts to work on something big that’s coming by. This can be a quick anecdote to jump out of your brain’s control. This is very common and should be followed by many.

Once you manage to get out of your brain’s control over you, it is now easier to perform the below steps

👉 List down every problem that comes to your mind. Be it something that is caused by others or the ones that you think you have caused, the thing you want to do, the blockages in your vision, the stuff that drains your energy, etc.

This is very critical, as you have to be genuine about listing down all of them

👉 List down the reasons for the above against each problem. These reasons need not be the perfect reason. Most of the time, we may not know the reasons for our problems or doubts. You can consult with your go-to person and get ideas.

Yet, don’t take that very seriously. Just consider it to help you list your reasons.

👉 List down the actionable to overcome the reasons. For every reason, there are two actions you can take. One, realize that it is not in your control; move on. Two, realize that it is only under your control and none can help you with it; knock them down.

One thing you’d all realize in common is, that it’s the external factors that influence your problems and not just you. Hence, seek external help from Friends, Family & Mentors depending on the problem.

By this, you’ll attain most of the root cause (potential) for your problems.

🙌 Re-iterate this process, you’ll find more relevant and meaningful outcomes to burn down your self-doubts. Share it with someone who needs this.


🥺 A Moment in my life that nobody knows

Let me share with you something that you guys never knew about my dad!

My dad’s been a person of respect in and around my village! He earned each and every piece of respect by himself!

Yet, this incident shook me out with tears!

I still remember 💭 it was 9 years back; I was in my first year of college! We had invited almost everyone we knew, to put up a grand celebration party in our godown for the inauguration of the S-Yes Weigh Bridge, adjacent to dad’s coconut godown.

His friends, schoolmates, college mates, colleagues, family everyone had come there.

😦 Amidst that crowd, he touched his senior’s toes for blessings! The senior was just 2 years ahead of my dad. Of course, there were other seniors, but this one was very unique! I don’t remember his face though, but I’d love to meet him and convey this someday!

I had always wondered what kind of a person that senior would have been to my dad, for him to touch his toes to seek blessings! That shook me off! Tears dropped down from my eyes unusually. It kept me in shock and thoughts for a very long time. I had never shared that incident with anyone yet, I guess.

💪 I wanted to be that senior in people’s life. Not expecting to touch my legs or toes, haha; but I wish to make such an impact in people’s lives!

It’s been an absolute honour to receive these comments from my people.

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😎 TQI Reconnect Meet

For more of you who do not know, TQI is Talent Quest for India.

Talent Quest for India (TQI) Trust is a team of enthusiastic youth volunteers with a vision of creating socially responsible leaders in every community. TQI has transformed from an idea of student involvement in social activities in their neighbourhood to a volunteering movement in about 30 districts across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. We have engaged over 6000+ youth leaders to deliver holistic development and social awareness programs.
_ TQI website

Back in my 2nd year (2014-15) 💭, I got a chance to be part of this team and get in touch with Ram Anna. He was filled with energy and radiance. I used to work for Graphics Designing, and have created a couple of posters for them and got referred to website-related works for other people. Since then, there has been no touch with the TQI Team, but Ram Anna and I met up a couple of times after he graduated. In fact, he has been a path-setter to me, as he was also building up a non-profit community back then, which is now an NGO.

He had also invited me to the latest event, TQI Reconnect which happened near Velachery. It was a complete refresher for the week. I always wondered how he managed to build up that huge community, and moreover spread it across the TN.

With Ram Anna during the TQI Reconnect Meet
Mr Ramasubramaniam & GSThina during TQI Reconnect Meet

And, I have also got the answer every time I went to meet him. The team was highly motivated and spread via friends of friends, one of the powerful ways.

The most astonishing decision from the TQI team was to establish it as an NGO. With this, not only scaling was possible, but also CSR played a lot monetarily. I sometimes used to think, if I should convert Think-Digital into an NGO, rather than just a students club. But, that didn’t serve my purpose. Hence, continuing it to be as it is.

🤔 Think-Digital scaling, questions Sustainability

It’s time to take a major leap over our principles of providing things for free.

Yes, joining Think-Digital is free no more. Yet, the intention is not to earn money out of it.

💸 I earn more than what I need personally and I can afford to spend for students who are in need. Yet, a bit of money from Students is nothing but a way to ensure commitment and sincerity.

The money will be repaid in terms of goodies, a welcome kit, etc. However, the value they receive from us could never be compared to anything. I can bet on it. Not here to elaborate much, more updates are on your way in the coming months!

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📚 Kunal’s initiative for ECE students


Creating notes for oneself is very challenging. But, creating notes for anyone to learn from it, needs a separate stream of courage. Though Kunal excels in Web Development in Think-Digital (TD) team, he is primarily from an ECE background. He reminds me of Avichal, who worked with TD from ECE, and took charge as Team Lead for a year.

The product has a lot of potential to become SaaS and benefit other departments as well. It’s worth mentioning that Kunal has also developed markdown blogs, aka mkd-blogs, which is a simple blogging platform. That it is also a potential SaaS product. I’m eager about Kunal’s initiatives by these products and looking forward to seeing an evolved version of them in the coming days.

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🎁 A Box of Surprise

It was a pleasure staying in touch with Lavanya mam for a couple of months! Her entire team of Blackwins Studios (@blackwins_studios) has been putting up great efforts to build up some wonderful products in the market.

It’s such an honour to receive her box of surprise during the weekend.

Watch Unboxing Video

I’m glad to have been from their initial days of work. It’s my immense pleasure to be in touch with them and give opportunities to college students, especially TD.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise for me during the weekend. I just loved every piece in that box. Thank you Lavanya Mam and the entire Blackwins Studios team!

Wishing her the best for all initiatives, as I expand my students’ network, I look forward to bringing in more opportunities for my students via Blackwins Studio.

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