Hey, I'm <strong><span id="stroke">G Surendar Thina</span> (gsthina), </strong><br/> A Passionate <strong>mentor</strong> & an introverted <strong>leader</strong>!

Hey, I'm G Surendar Thina (gsthina),
A Passionate mentor & an introverted leader!

Professional Engineer

Passionate Mentor

Cultivated Speaker

Why gsthina?
Why gsthina?

G Surendar Thina (gsthina) is a mentor at Think-Digital, the most active and growing student community in India. He helps college students to build their careers from scratch. He also has a rich experience in community building and mentorship!

Before you scroll further, please be clear with these…

  • Connect with me: Because, just with your college education, you only get a poor industry exposure even after you graduate!
  • Your career growth with me: I provide apt mentorship and right opportunities to ensure necessary exposure before you graduate!
  • What I'm building will help you: I'm building Think-Digital Network, of students & professionals ranging from freshman to CEO of companies!
  • You're only expected this in return: Just stay proactive, ask questions! Share your knowledge & experience and keep up the chain of mentorship!
Things I do more frequently
Weekly Newsletter
I curate content for the people in my Think-Digital network to provide awareness through the inferences drawn from my life experiences.
1:1 Mentorship
There is no better way to connect than to meet one-on-one. This one is even more effective when done in person with a glass of tea!
Content Creation
Creating content has been my bread and butter since my college days. I'm very much used to it now, and I create across different platforms!
Tools & Automation Script
I build automation scripts and use different tools to make my life easier, which also helps me save time and spend quality time with my family. I can help you build such tools.
Awareness is Everything
You are capable of doing anything you wish for. All you need is to be aware. I'm currently working on bringing awareness to students about the tools and technologies I'm familiar with.
Product Management
I also collaborate with my team to create products that address your use cases and technical requirements.
Take a step closer
Get in Touch
999 / hour
  • One-on-One Meet
  • Validate your Goal
  • Kickstart your Career
  • Internships & Job Referrals
  • Build your Portfolio new
Build & Launch your Career
1996 / month
  • 6 Months
  • Build your Portfolio
  • Internships & Job Referrals
  • Monthly meetup with Industry Experts new
  • Access to my students Network new
2014 - Present
Founder & Mentor - Think Digital
Founder & Mentor - Think Digital
  • Aspiring to impact 1 Lakh students by 2025, by providing them exposure to the IT industry and helping them build their careers before graduation!
  • I pick up passionate students from our community and ensure that they get exposed to the IT industry and their possible careers before graduation, via product development opportunities, internships & company visits.
  • As of now, the community has 600+ students, 40+ Alumnus & 10+ Mentors.
2018 - Present
Sr. Customer Operations Engineer | Cloudera
Sr. Customer Operations Engineer | Cloudera
  • Working in a SaaS Data Platform that is responsible for Extracting, Loading & Transforming processes for thousands of data pipelines, running using AWS Stack.
  • Secured SME Badge for Cloudera Spark
  • Awarded with Above & Beyond in 2021
Game Developer - Gethu Games
Game Developer - Gethu Games
  • A fairly small, flexible social IT startup having developed our own socially impactful projects
  • Actively worked on the 2D aspects of sprites
  • Implemented Sound effects
  • Worked with some Ionic & Angular projects
2017 - 2019
MBA – Marketing & Management
MBA – Marketing & Management

Completed the course by correspondence at the University Of Madras, Chennai. Managed to clear all the subjects without arrears in the same year.

B.Tech – Information Technology
B.Tech – Information Technology

Completed with a 7.7 CGPA in SRM University, KTR. I was more towards building products and a worthy team than increasing my CGPA.

Here is a short article by Inception Wave about my journey in SRM.

Higher Secondary - X & XII
Higher Secondary - X & XII

Completed my 8th to 12th STD in Montfort School Anakkara, Kerala. I was an athlete and performed well in HighJump. I have played in the National and State matches for BasketBall and VolleyBall. Realizing the importance of studies, I managed to score 9.2 in class 10 and 79.7% in class 12.

Professional Expertise
  • Customer Interaction
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Public Speaking & Interaction
I can communicate in
  • English
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Hindi
  • Ionic & Angular Framework
  • MongoDB, ExpressJs & NodeJs
  • Photoshop, AfterEffects, Premier Pro
  • GCP & AWS
Domain Expertise
  • Web & Mobile App Design & Dev
  • UI/UX & Graphic Designing
  • VFX & Multimedia
  • System Design, Wireframes & Architecture
  • Data Processing using BigData Hadoop
I'm interested in
Mentoring College Students
Building careers from scratch
Speaking in Public
Impacting college students
Help building portfolio
Play BasketBall & VolleyBall
Spoken at
Also spoken at
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