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Deepak’s Community Building Workshop

I’m grateful for the opportunities that I receive in abundance! ✨

Every time, I attend Deepak’s Community Building Workshop, there’s always a new learning that comes into the picture!

Understanding the term “COMMUNITY” was so tough, and he made it simple!

Why was it important for me/us to understand this term?

✅ Because, we do several things based on our influence, and mess up something or the other if we do not know what we’re building.

One thing that kept me high during the workshop was, the realisation about –

😲 how unknowingly we happened to build a community since 2015, and just that we didn’t find the right term – “Community”

😕 I always used to be in a confusion, about whether we were building a Company (30%), a Club (20%), or a Community (50%). This confusion kept bringing in too many processes, initiatives and structural changes.

It kept me running with no clarity for a long time. We called ourselves a Community and kept running in circles without clarity.

✅ The first time I attended this Workshop was 2 months back, and it was an eye-opening 4 hours. Got a clarity, that we were building a Community, and not a Business.

Last week, I got to attend it for the second time, and the amount of insights I gathered was more than the first one!

Many things that we discussed during the workshop were something we were already doing but were never realised!

😎 Once we realised what a Community is, things started to fall into place, and the fundamentals shaped it up!

The Workshop helped us put everything in place, and bring in a sense of liveliness to our Community!

✅ From building up the Habits to breaking down the Egoic attachments –

It’s like rewiring the people, tweaking up the processes, and redefining the basics!

😍 Love the way, Think Digital functions with all the core values of its belief system after the impact of Deepak’s Community Building Workshop!

💌 Thank you Deepak Kumar for keeping me in the loop for most of your initiatives.

From Day 1 of our conversations on LinkedIn to our recent meeting last week I’ve been learning intuitively new from you every time!

I’m honoured to be of support for your initiatives and will continue to support you! I thank this Universe for putting us together on this journey!

This is what I visualize, and it is what happens!

🙏🏼 Your support to me as well as the Think Digital Community will be never forgotten.

Cheers to more impact together! 🚀

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