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Month: <span>December 2023</span>

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Are you a “People” person?

This post is not intended to hurt someone. I’m just happy and want to document it here. I was never this confident that I was…

🎖 Portfolio Update!

Updating my Portfolio Website has been a Habit since my college days! Since I was a coder, I started with a static page built using…

I never knew my body’s full potential, until I experienced this!

This will blow your mind 🤯

During the 8 days of my Walk without any Electronics,

🚀 Skipping Lunch was one of the highlighting practices we did Every Single Day!

It was indeed a real challenge to skip Lunch.

However, it was not the main challenge.

Deepak’s Community Building Workshop

Every time, I attend Deepak’s Community Building Workshop, there’s always a new learning that comes into the picture!

Understanding the term “COMMUNITY” was so tough, and he made it simple!

Why was it important for me/us to understand this term?

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