My Story

My Story

In 1996, July 9th my Mom got her labour pain. I owe her my life for not giving up to deliver me!

Right from the day I was born, I was fed by Mom’s Love and Dad’s Knowledge. In fact, Mom’s my 1st lover and Dad’s my 1st Teacher.

I live in Kombai, a village in Theni dt, TN. After completing my 7th STD in RRB Ayya School in my native, I wanted to change my school for different reasons. Finally after a long year I was able to make it to Montfort School Anakkara (MSA), in Kerala.

Since then, life has literally changed. I stayed in the Hostel, where I had started learning life. So much things looked new to me. The language, slangs, culture etc. But, it was fun being there and experiencing all the odds. In fact, they were the most challenging days in my life so far.

Surviving there for 5 solid years, from a noob to knight I was a part of School’s Volley Ball and Basket Ball team which helped me taste the State and National Level tournamentsI owe my Basket Ball Coach, all my credits to have got into SRM University, KTR through sports. 

After joining SRM University, I was experiencing yet another change in my life, culture and grabbed new perspectives about life.

My Life as a Student at SRM, in a Nutshell

It is the place, where I broke my insecurity of public speaking. Yeah, you wouldn’t imaging how my face turns out too odd when I start stammering!

First Semester: In search for opportunities, I ended up hitting into a set of friends with whom life was more than comfortable. Everyday evenings were spent with them. Those meetups, silly to serious fights, arguments, discussions about life, making fun of each other, literally passed the first semester like anyone.

Second Semester: Sumant, one of my classmates referred me to the team IT Association, where my career started. Got opportunities to work as a team and showcase my latents in Graphic Designing and VFX. Suraj Takur Bhaiya trusted in me and provided me with the Main Promo video for Furor2.0, which was the start of exposure!

Third Semester: Though I wasn’t a pro, getting a chance meant a lot to me. Slowly I created videos for the department fest Arduer 3.0. I still remember what my HOD asked, “How many members were part of the VFX team?”. She was surprised to hear that I was the only one who made the complete video. Of course, the content was provided by Dhiraj Charlie Anna, who was the opportunity giver. And, the AlienWare I used for this work is from Chirag, who works in Tesla at the moment.

Fourth Semester: With the exposure in the team, I was selected as the Technical Head for the team. Interestingly, I was given with 7 excellent juniors to work with. I started assisting them to learn those techs, including Photoshop and AfterEffects. Together we were working for the upcoming department event Furor3.0. However, the fest had to be so limited with a lot of official pressure.

At this point, I started getting more projects in Graphic Designing and VFX from other clubs at SRM. I work for them the whole night and put my video to render in the class and sleep aside. Yes, most of the classes in my second year went in rendering and sleeping aside. After a while, I realized the need to delegate the work to juniors. But, who would do that for me without a benefit?

With the 7 juniors I had by that time, I planned to form a new team where we get further projects as a team and not me as an individual. This indeed worked out until we were good with the work. 

It was at the same time, when I got the opportunity to join the Tech team of Saiyasodaran (Saiy2k), who is now the Founder of Grassroots and the CEO of GethuGames. This has been the most impacting life changing moment of my career. My passion towards designing got its roots into development as well. Got exposure to work for ~2 months in Web Development with Saiy2k.

During the semester holidays, participated in the CSE department Web Dev Hackathon and managed to secure 2nd prize, with the 53 hours of sleepless effort

Fifth Semester: The success during the holidays gave us a confident out of no where. We were referred to some of the external projects outside SRM in reference to our 2nd prize. Got the first payment for the worst website we had made those days. Not sure how I got a mindset shift here, for which I still keep regretting even these days. Gradually, we started committing the biggest mistake anyone could commit in their college life. It kept hold of our growth for a long term. But, this is a very late realisation after my college life.

Think Digital was unofficial and we could only conduct recruitments personally without sending out official emails/sms from college. We could not stick any posters on the campus. Pulling in people was so hard and challenging.

We kept bringing in people only by referrals and word of mouth. However, the team was quite unstable often. Sunil, one of my good friends used to scare the people to ensure them do the work. It did work out for some time but not for too long. People started leaving the team. I owe a lot to the ones who did believe in me and stay further especially Ritesh, who has been the backbone of our team.

Sixth Semester: Every person who remained in the team, sat down and discussed a serious revamp in the functioning of the team. We organised the team with a hierarchy and came up with multiple domain heads and more than one team leads. This helped with a better focus on the growth of the team and a longer retainment of the members. As a team, we Created SRM Connect App for the clubs of SRM to publish the club events in the platform for more reach.

Seventh Semester: People started to know about the team. Our IT department staff personally started noticing me and my works with external NGOs. It was always easy for me to take an OD certificate to participate at any events in the college. The teachers were not so happy with my performance, but were convinced that I was doing something fruitful out there, with the juniors. 

We were working on the Mobile App of Grassroots, which was an exponential exposure for our team.

Along with Ritesh, Ujay and Shujath started taking up the lead roles in the team and we realized the need for making the club official, to attract more people. We formulated the Motto for our team and started working on it in a more organised way.

Eighth Semester: A complete 6 months of time to build up our Final Year project. We had to choose either a 6 months Internship or a group project. I was already fed up doing group projects with my classmates, based on my experience with the mini project previous semester. So, I had to choose internship with GethuGames, where we worked a lot with the Grassroots App initial version. I picked the chat module out of the whole app and presented as the Final Year project with the max marks. That was a two way benefit. App grows as a Startup. A module is submitted as the project!

I would still recommend students to take this combo and get double benefited during their end semester project submissions. This is still underrated.

By the end of this semester, I had managed to register start up a service based company Codbello Pvt Ltd for the projects we receive from external sources.

Professional Career

How I got placed from college is an interestingly funny story. I will keep it for a later point of time. In short, I managed to get placed in FSS and worked there for a year with Java, Ionic, Angular. 

After surviving there for ~1 year, I was so lucky to stay with Ankit, who actually got selected in the 1st round of interview at Cloudera. I applied, only because he suggested me to do it. I got rejected to attend the first round. But, luckily I was invited for the second round, which was a face to face interview. Managed to get through all the rounds and both of us backed the offer. 

Funnily, only after we received the offer email, we knew that the company was one among the Fortune 500 companies in the world, lol. Maybe if we knew that already, we would have been so serious about it and I can’t assure if the result would have been positive :fingers-crossed:

Thank you for reading this much! I’m excited, you are here!

What am I right now?

I am a passionate Mentor and a professional Engineer!

I help college students develop skills to achieve their career goals by providing on-demand mentorships!

Founded Think-Digital Students Club, to build up a massive network of students, professionals and entrepreneurs who started from level 1 with us.

I pick up the passionate students from the team and provide personal and contextual on-demand mentorship.

I dedicate quality time for the college students to cultivate the skills required to work, exposing teamwork right from product development to kickstarting a business, with management and leadership skills.

After working on the base, I’m looking forward to expanding our team to various colleges across India. The need for this expansion is to attain the long term vision of building up a massive network.

Enthusiastic about contextual concepts and decentralisation, especially the feasibility of Blockchain in EduTech

If you are a student or teacher who wants to form a students community in your college, feel free to hit me up or just email me:

Meet My Reformers

These are the people who contributed to my life, for who I am right now!

Subarna Ganesan

Mom; My 1st Lover

Ganesan Subramaniam

Dad; My 1st Teacher


Basket Ball Coach

Vijith Lal

Volley Ball Coach

Babu Vasu

Drawing Coach


Driving Coach

Saiyasodaran (saiy2k)

Life + Technical Mentor

Ankit Kumar

Life Changing Friend

Sairam D

Trustworthy Friend

Mukesh G


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