I am G Surendar Thina

contrasting the gap between
college vs career

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What do my juniors say?


“He always makes sure that everyone in the team is getting the right opportunity and guidance. Another great thing about working with him is his motivating and enthusiastic nature.”


Ritesh Bhat

Sr. Tech Analyst at Goldman Sachs

“A senior with a lot of knowledge, with a technical hand. Your habit of sharing thoughts based on conversations you had with other people gives deeper insight into human behaviour.”

Devansh Srivastava

Analyst at KPMG India

“He has built an ecosystem that encourages students to be technical experts on not just what they know, but what they want to know.”

Vatsalya Singhi

Software Engineer at CanGo Networks

I’m looking forward to

A Massive Network

Passionate Students,
Hustling Entrepreneurs, and
Working Professionals,

P(r) > 0.8

r = reaching out to industry experts

Feel Free to Say Anything!

If you are a school student or college student, passionate about your career in the IT/CS industry, send me a quick intro about you, and what you are in need of.

Or, just give me a message on any of my socials. I’ll follow up. 🙂

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