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I want to chat with you for the next 20 minutes because I have recognized that lack of exposure for college students before getting placed is a big issue.

Back in 2014, I had seen a lot of final year seniors struggle to create a Google form, while a small group of first and second years knew all the Google products and were already using them.

Now, in the 2020s I see many final year students are still trying to create websites using basic HTML and CSS. Of course, I remember having HTML, CSS and even PHP during my final year academics, while we used to work with Angular and Ionic for our actual product development in my team.

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I’ve no comments on the syllabus! But, it’s disappointing to see college students who don’t realise the growing tech.

Even if some students realize it and explore the new emerging tech stacks and frameworks, they find it hard to find products to work on.

It results in a lack of exposure to the work before entering a company, which is also an indirect cause of depression and stress for most IT professionals.

There’s a very small group of students, who does realise the growth of tech and expose themselves to work on multiple products, create their own companies before graduation, build startups, create new tech, etc. It’s not necessary to succeed in all of these, but giving an attempt to these and gaining experience in these areas is essential in the competitive world.

It’s purely due to a lack of exposure that people are only stuck at their college academics and doesn’t give a mind about exploring new and emerging techs.

So I thought maybe I should work on it. But I want to make sure that I listen to more and more people before I assume things.

So please share your experience candidly and feel free to add as many details as you like.


I am researching more into this and trying to build the best solution out there.

Your feedback and responses will make it possible.

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