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r = reaching out to industry experts

Aiming to Increase this Probability, &
looking forward to building a Massive Network of

Passionate Students,
Hustling Entrepreneurs,

Fuse into my Network of Digital Thinkers!

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A mentor is always a leader!

Leadership is Professional, but is more Personal

The core asset of a leader isn’t a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of passion, an ear ready to listen, & hands helping those who can’t help themselves.

The idea is to extend our assistance for students in need across different colleges and schools. We are currently looking for leads who can take up their initiation to implement this vision in their school/college. Please feel free to refer your friends or cousins who may be in other colleges or schools.

Doing what you Love is worth more than Wealth

I pick up the passionate students from the team and provide personal and contextual mentorship to develop their skills based on their interests and passion.

Reducing the Gap between

Students & Industry

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Oh my People!

If you are a student or teacher interested in taking an initiative with us in your college, reach me out at thina.gst@gmail.com

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The passionate pillars of my team!
The ones whom I can rely upon!

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"He always makes sure that everyone in the team is getting the right opportunity and guidance. Another great thing about working with him is his motivating and enthusiastic nature."
Ritesh Bhat
Sr. Technology Analyst at Goldman Sachs
"He has built an ecosystem that encourages students to be technical experts on not just what they know, but what they want to know."
Vatsalya Singhi
Software Engineer at CanGo Networks

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